Business Quotes

H. l. mencken - the government consists of a gang of men exactly...
The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would steal them away.
Ronald Reagan

In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins cash and experience. Take the experience first the cash will come later.
Harold Green
Thomas jefferson - never fear the want of business. a man who...
Nothing is illegal if a hundred businessmen decide to do it.
Andrew Young
When you are eight years old, nothing is any of your business.
Lenny Bruce

No one travelling on a business trip would be missed if he failed to arrive.
Thorstein Veblen
I like Mr Gorbachev, we can do business together.
Margaret Hilda Thatche
Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.
Abraham Lincoln
Just as a cautious businessman avoids investing all his capital in one concern, so wisdom would probably admonish us also not to anticipate all our happiness from one quarter alone.
Sigmund Freud
A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business.
Henry Ford
Life is all one piece. Men err when they think they can be inhuman exploiters in their business life, and loving husbands and fathers at home. For achievement without love is a cold and tight - Lipped murderer of human happiness everywhere.
Smiley Blanton
The chief business of the American people is business.
Calvin Coolidge, Speech in Washington, Jan. 17, 1925