Children Quotes

Ogden nash - oh, what a tangled web do parents weave when they...
There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.
Hodding Carter Jr.

I must say the biggest lesson you can learn in life, or teach your children, is that life is not castles in the skies, happily ever after. The biggest lesson we have to give our children is truth.
Goldie Hawn
I believe that whoever tries to think things through honestly will soon recognize how unworthy and even fatal is the traditional bias against Negroes. What can the man of good will do to combat this deeply rooted prejudice He must have the courage to set an example by words and deed, and must watch lest his children become influenced by racial bias.
Albert Einstein
Pressure? This is just a football match. When you do not know how to feed your children, that is pressure.
Jose Luis Chilavert, Goal keeper for Paraguay, said during France 98 World Cup (soccer/football)
Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul the blue prints of your ultimate accomplishments.
Napolean Hill

The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy.
Sam Levenson
Our children seem to have wonderful taste, or none - Depending, of course, on whether or not they agree with us.
Author Unknown
A compassionate government keeps faith with the trust of the people and cherishes the future of their children.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Refrain from doing ill for one all powerful reason, lest our children should copy our misdeeds we are all to prone to imitate whatever is base and depraved.
What children take from us, they giveWe become people who feel more deeply, question more deeply, hurt more deeply, and love more deeply.
Sonia Taitz
Children begin by loving their parents as they grow older they judge them sometimes they forgive them.
Oscar Wilde
Familiarity breeds contempt - And children.
Mark Twain
Free children are not easily influenced; the absence of fear accounts for this phenomenon. Indeed, the absence of fear is the finest thing that can happen to a child.
A. S. Neill, Summerhill
C. s. robinson - there are times when god asks nothing of his...
It is not that the child lives in a world of imagination, but that the child within us survives and starts into life only at rare moments of recollection, which makes us believe, and it is not true, that, as children, we were imaginative?
Cesare Pavese
The words that a father speaks to his children in the privacy of home are not heard by the world, but, as in whispering galleries, they are clearly heard at the end, and by posterity.
Youth is a wonderful thing what a crime to waste it on children.
Sir Walter Besant
Adults are just children who earn money.
Kenneth Branaugh
We want far better reasons for having children than not knowing how to prevent them.
Dora Russell
Age does not make us childish, as some say it only finds us true children still.
Johann von Goethe
Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.
Hebrew Prove
There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots the other, wings.
Hodding Carte
The only truly happy people are children and the creative minority.
Jean Caldwell
We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Setting a good example for children takes all the fun out of middle age.
William Feathe
The sea rises, the light fails, lovers cling to each other, and children cling to us. The moment we cease to hold each other, the moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out.
James Arthur Baldwin
Before I was married, I had a hundred theories about raising children and no children. Now, I have three children and no theories.
John Wilmot
Our children change uswhether they live or not.
Lois McMaster Bujold
How to Raise your I. Q. by Eating Gifted Children.
Lewis B. Frumkes, Book Title (1983)
A second wife is hateful to the children of the first; a viper is not more hateful.
Euripides, Alcestis, 438 B. C.
Small children disturb your sleep, big children your life.
Yiddish Prove
Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it.
Harold S. Hulbert
Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.
Lady Bird Johnson
As we read the school reports on our children, we realize a sense of relief that can rise to delight that - Thank Heaven - Nobody is reporting in this fashion on us.
J. B. Priestley
We would have broken up except for the children. Who were the children Well, she and I were.
Mort Sahl
Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.
Walt Disney, On the inside wall of the American Adventure in Epcot Cente
The conscience of children is formed by the influences that surround them; their notions of good and evil are the result of the moral atmosphere they breathe.
Of children as of procreation - The pleasure momentary, the posture ridiculous, the expense damnable.
Evelyn Waugh
It is not giving children more that spoils them it is giving them more to avoid confrontation.
John Gray